In some men, simply making a few lifestyle changes can help  erectile function

These include:

Lifestyle changes that can help erectile function

✔ Losing weight if overweight
✔ Giving up smoking
✔ Moderating consumption of alcohol
✔ Exercising regularly

As numerous studies on the relation between lifestyle and erectile dysfunction (ED) show, especially a sedentary lifestyle and excess weight are among the main enemies of sexual health, while, on the contrary, physical activities and weight control are precious allies for a satisfying sex life.
Medical advice for men, especially over the age of 50, therefore, is to follow a healthy lifestyle, which includes a proper nutrition and a regularly performed physical activity.

We summarize below the main recommendations relating to one healthy lifestyle:

1. Avoid smoking

Smoking is responsible not only for heart disease, coronary and vascular diseases in general, but also for vascular damage to the arteries that bring blood pressure to the penis and to the tissue of the penis itself.

2. Take care of what you eat and drink

A diet rich in fats and sugars can promote diabetes and overweight in people who have a predisposition. On the other hand, excessive salt intake can promote high blood pressure. Diabetes, high blood pressure and excess blood fats are recognized factors associated with erection difficulties, as well as important cardiovascular risk factors. Even alcohol abuse plays a deleterious role both on sexual capacity and on fertility.

3. Keep track of your weight

Weight gain has a negative role on sexual performance as well as, of course, on the vascular system. Obese humans, i.e. people who weight 20% more than the average, also suffer from a reduction of the primary male hormone, testosterone. Furthermore, as already said, obesity can lead to diabetes in predisposed subjects.

4. Make regular and adeguate physical activity

Doing regular physical activity improves sexual performance. Of course, everything depends on your age and physical condition. For example, jogging can be good for you, but you couldalso take a simple good walk for about 30 minutes a day at least 3 days a week. The exercise counteracts the formation of fatty deposits and protects the arteries, delaying aging and improving sexual performance and, ultimately, the quality of life.

5. If possible, avoid stress

Stress and depression are among the worst enemies of sexual life. The so-called ”Chronic fatigue syndrome”, typical of those who devote too much time to work or of those who undergo an excessive load of physical work (as in sport overtraining), may be responsible for blocking the production of testosterone and for an excessive release of chemical mediators such as adrenaline and serotonin, resulting in a reduction in sexual activity.

6. If you suffer from it, cure diabetes and hypertension well

Diabetes damages erectile function in various ways. It can cause alterations of nerves and vessels of the penis. There may also be hormonal alterations secondary to diabetes itself, which, in turn, can affect erectile dysfunction.
Hypertension, in turn, causes changes in the normal structure of blood vessels, i.e. in the cavernous tissue of the penis.